Through massage and manipulation, the mare, severely limping and obviously in pain before treatment, is now moving freely at both walk and trot. Stacy's timely response to our initial request was important to us and greatly appreciated.
Dan & Anne Collen
Beaverdell, BC
Stacy Elliot - Certified Equine Sport Therapist

Wild horse power is a mobile business that operates out of Rock Creek BC and travels to many places throughout British Columbia for multiple bookings. I have worked on over 600 horses so far and I also have experience working with canines as well. I also work with 4H and horse clubs. Many of my call outs include things like:

"My horse is walking with it's head two inches off the ground, can you come see what you can do?"

"I have a horse with an enlarged knee it almost looks as if it is calcifying?"

I have received my certificate as an Equine Sport Therapist through Dave Collins at the well recognized B.C College of Equine Sport Therapy, where I received 100% on my final practical exam!

I have been raised working with horses and my family history has had great grand parents working as "horse doctors."

Before I became an Equine sport therapist I worked as a veterinary assistant. My services do not replace veterinary care but they work with or compliment veterinary medicine. I am currently breeding Racing Quarter horses and really enjoy working with brood mares;

"Many people don't realize what impact pregnancy has on the body, nutritionally and physically."

Wild Horse Power equine medicine and massage consists of many modalities combined together:
Equine massage, light chiropractics, nutrition, saddle fitting, acupressure, muscle testing and aromatherapy.

Using a combination of natural medicine and herbal remedies brings very rewarding results.

"Every body is different and what one responds too the other may not, this is why combining therapies works so well. If you read the body right you can come up with the right combination."