She would tell us what she believed was wrong with the horse, what she was doing and why. She would show us what needed to be done over the time period and would call to see how the animal was progressing. I liked this attitude.
Ginger Ferguson
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Saddle Fitting - An article by Stacy Elliot

When your saddle fits properly your horse will preform beautiful strides without any restrictions and want to work all day. For a comfortable fit the the bars/panels must be flat and contour against the horses back allowing your weight to be distributed evenly, the bars must not be to long and dig into the low back or hips, if the bars dig into the horses hips bending becomes very uncomfortable, the front of the bars/panels must have enough “flare” to allow the shoulder blades to move freely.

The forks of the saddle must clear the withers by at least two inches for the spine to move freely. If the bars do not contour the horses back it will cause bridging ( air space between the long of the horses back and the seat of the saddle). This bridging allows pressure points on the shoulders and lumbar area causing saddle sores. When you ride with a saddle that's bridging all your weight is carried on the pressure points over the shoulders and lumbar region.

Dry spots on your horses back after a ride is due to too much pressure inhibiting the circulation in that area and may even cause the hair to turn white. When a horses leg moves forward the top of the shoulder blade moves backward , if the saddles bars are sitting on or digging into the muscles behind the shoulder blades and not allowing the shoulders to move freely the horse will have restricted movement and pain. If this situation is prolonged it may even cause lameness.

A lot of people believe they will fix improper saddle fit by putting two pads on, NOT TRUE, the thinner the pad the better. By adding another pad the bridging is increased by padding up the shoulder and lumbar even higher the air space between the seat and the horses back increases causing even more pressure over the shoulder and low back. Saddle pads where originally designed to keep the underside of the saddle clean, reduce friction, and soak up sweat.

If your saddle fits the shape of your horses back without a pad then ideally you want to ride with a single pad, preferably a thin one. Improper saddle fit can cause head tossing, head up-back hallow, restricted movement, irritability, stumbling/falling and unwilling attitude, Also take into consideration that your horse back changes shape throughout the year due to age and weight gain. There are 7 major muscles the saddle can affect, have you ever hiked around or tried to work in a pair of shoes that do not fit properly?.

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