Stacy has a good way with animals as well as an extensive knowledge and ability. I am always impressed with her while she is working with my horses. I have no hesitation recommending Stacy to help you with your animals.
Ginger Ferguson
Ferguson Horse Ranch
Massage Therapy and Horses - An article by Stacy Elliot

The skeleton will not produce movement with out the aid of muscles. Muscles have origin and insertion points along different locations of the skeleton and each muscle has a certain job. The origin point is the more fixed point and the insertion point is the where the muscle does the most movement.

For example the Thoracic Trapezius muscle [wither area] originates at the supraspinous ligament and the 3rd - 10th thoracic vertabrae. This muscle inserts on the spine of the scapula [top part of shoulder blade] and its job is to elevate the shoulder and to help bring the leg forward. If this muscle was sore or injured the horse may find it hard to step out on the front, he may also show soreness by compensating on opposite shoulder. An excellent way to treat sore muscles or adhesions is through massage therapy, when muscles are left sore or pulled for periods of time they are more likely to form knots causing reduced movement and compensation in other areas.

If you like to massage your horse there are many ways it will affect the body: improves circulation; increases the flow of lymphatic tissue; sooths or stimulates the nervous system; and massage can also help prevent muscle wasting [atrophy] after trauma. When massaging it is best to use clockwise motions and to apply most of the pressure towards the heart to help the circulation and the lymphatic system.

Times that massage should be avoided include: skin infections; open pustules; recent wounds; recent incisions; and bacterial infections. Massage therapy could further irritate these conditions.

Aid your horses injuries through massage therapy to help rebalance their Wild Horse Power.