My horses compete on the BC Barrel Racers and Rodeo circuits and Stacy's massage therapy has been helping my horses perform to their best potential. I recommend Stacy to anyone wishing to optimize their horse's health.
Angelica Rother
Services and treatments I provide

Massage Therapy:

Using massage techniques to release spasmed muscles, restore muscle atrophy, or treat stiff restricted movement. Massage therapy affects many systems in the body including the circulatory system which also helps digestion through increased circulation, lymphatic system, respiratory, and the nervous system.

Light Chiropractics:

The use of trigger points, light thrusting techniques and rhythmic pressure to release skeletal restrictions. Certified on chiropractic assesment / treatment and craniosacral therapy through Britt Mills DVM


Working acupressure points and meridians. Aids with many body systems and helps improve the integrity of organs. May improve reproduction, laminitis, the immune system, colic issues and many more symptoms. I may also apply magnetic therapy to acupressure points along with essential oils to help stimulate.

Applied kinesiology [muscle testing]

Working with the body's energy to find out the integrity of organs, body systems, reflex points and structure. May also be used to figure out nutritional needs.


Fine tunning the nutritional demand your horse requires depending on age, breed, work load, and temperment. - vitamin and mineral ratio - foods that are easily digested - therapeutic use of herbs - the role nutrition plays on the healing process of injurys

Magnetic Therapy:

The use of By polar [ north and south pole], mono polar and ceramic magnets. Very beneficial for: - Lymph and swelling - Nerve damage - Joint injuries and arthritis - Healing open wounds

Herbal medicine:

The use of and healing properties of herbs and muscle rubs.

Saddle fitting:

Saddle fitting is very important because it causes many underlying problems if the fit is not correct. Horses backs change shape through out the summer and winter months due to weight change, age can also affect the shape of a horses back. - Custom shims inserted into the saddle to fill in any bridging that creates pressure sores - Assessment of the horses back for soundness - Discuss options for the saddle and what the most suitable saddle blanket may be for the horse. [ Refer to saddle fitting article on the main menu under articles]

Poultices and Liniments:

If necessary will make poultices or liniments for your horse or give a list of ingredients to do so.